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Reconstruction of the heat supply system in the village. Vakhrushev.

Address: Vakhrushev urban-type settlement, Poronaysky district, Sakhalin region


Technical and economic characteristics:

Land area: 6.3 thousand m2

Building area: 1.5 thousand m2


A modern coal-fired hot-water boiler house is designed to meet the needs of heat supply for residential apartment buildings, administrative and public buildings located in the village of Vakhrushev. The project for the construction of a district-level boiler house was completed on a turnkey basis, including the supply and installation of all the necessary equipment.


The heat supply system complex includes:
- the main building of the boiler room;
- coal warehouse;
- gallery of fuel supply;
- emergency diesel power plant;
- container fuel storage;
- fire-fighting tanks;
- water storage tanks;
- drainage water reservoir;
- weighing platform;
- checkpoint;
- emergency storage site for ash and slag.


The boiler house is a separate building with mechanized fuel supply and ash removal processes. As the main equipment, boilers KVm-3.5u are used in the amount of 4 units (3 workers and one replacement worker).


The construction was carried out on the territory of the operating enterprise. All the necessary equipment was transported from Barnaul with the most efficient logistics. In addition to general construction works and installation of equipment, landscaping and reconstruction of the transformer substation were carried out.

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