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Sakhalin Hydroelectric Power Station-2. Main production complex

Location: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Prospekt Mira, 172.


Sakhalin Hydroelectric Power Station-2 is a thermal power plant with a capacity of 120 MW, located on Sakhalin Island near the Ilyinskoe village, Tomarinsky district. Built to replace the  capacity of the worn-out Sakhalin Hydroelectric Power Station and increase the total capacity of the island's power system, taking into account the needs of the future development of the economy. It is one of the youngest power plants in Russia, it was commissioned in November 2019.


In 2016, during the construction of the Sakhalin Hydroelectric Power Station-2, Avrial installed 46-meter high sandwich panels of the main production complex.


Completed work:

-  Installation of sealing tape on fachwerks in the amount of 12,821 rm.

-  Installation of wall enclosing structures of sandwich panels with a total area of 12 256 sq. m.

-  Fastening of sandwich panels to metal structures fachwerk with self-tapping screws.

-  Installation of fittings made of galvanized sheet steel.

-  Installation of fittings / cover strips.

-  Application of silicone sealant to the locks of the sandwich panels.


The vertical installation of wall sandwich panels was carried out in layers, using two truck cranes: one with a lifting capacity of 16 tons with a boom length of 18.0 m, and the second, with a lifting capacity of 1 ton, was installed on the roof of the building.

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