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Argos Design Bureau is a general designer, a partner of the Avrial construction company. He is engaged in the development of design documentation for the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes of any complexity. The bureau specializes in the full cycle of construction design, providing a full range of design services: from concept and sketch, through expertise to the development of working documentation and putting the building into operation.


"Argos" PB was founded in 2017 and for several years managed to complete many interesting and complex projects, including production, warehouse, sports, public and other buildings throughout Russia: from Moscow to Sakhalin. The total area of the designed buildings and structures is over 100,000 sq. m and more than 50 commissioned objects.


The specialists of "Argos" PB provide effective solutions to complex and non-standard tasks and carry out projects that have no analogues in Russia:

-  ice complex with the possibility of transformation into a shooting range;

-  pre-fabricated aircraft hangars, allowing to place several aircraft in one structural volume, and their cost is two times lower than the classical options;

-  wide-span warehouses, in which the joint arrangement of a frame-tent shelter and complex suspended structures of conveyor galleries has been successfully implemented, when the transport conveyor gallery is attached on hangers to the load-bearing roof trusses, and the mass of the moving conveyor cart is more than 9 tons and many others.


The company performs:

-  Design engineering of industrial facilities, production and office buildings, warehouse, transport and logistics complexes, as well as sports facilities;

-  Development of individual or binding of standard and re-use projects;

-  Collection of initial permitting documentation;

-  Designing reconstruction and restoration of objects for various purposes;

-  Carrying out engineering surveys;

-  Development of the concept and pre-design sketch solutions;

-  Development of projects taking into account construction economics;

-  Integrated design: architecture, structures, engineering networks, technology, special sections;

-  Development of feasibility studies and other supporting documents;

-  Designer supervision over the construction and commissioning of facilities.


"Argos" PB is a successful experience of passing the examination, the availability of self-regulatory organization approvals, scientific and educational activities and solutions that allow customers to reduce the cost of construction and subsequent operation without compromising quality. The specialists of the design bureau have many years of experience in the construction industry and guarantee the most effective solutions to engineering and construction problems.


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