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Product pipeline for an industrial and logistics park for the storage and transshipment of mineral fertilizers.

Location: Industrial and logistics park (complex) for storage and transshipment of mineral fertilizers with storage facilities and railway infrastructure on the territory of the municipality "Vistinskoye rural settlement" of the municipality "Kingiseppsky municipal district" of the Leningrad region.


The product pipeline with a length of almost 1 kilometer and a width of 9 to 16 meters is intended for the transportation of mineral fertilizers from the storage warehouse to the territory of the marine shipping complex. The product pipeline is a complex of structures for the installation of conveyor lines and preventing the contact of the transported cargo with unfavorable environmental conditions. The conveyor belt runs from the warehouse to the unloading point with a height difference of up to 20 meters.


The product pipeline is a complex of structures, conventionally divided into two sections - underground and aboveground.

The underground section of the product pipeline (a structure with reinforced concrete walls and a foundation slab) with a length of 355 m is intended for the installation of 2 to 4 conveyor lines. The underground section is divided into temperature blocks

lengths of 20 m and 25 m. Reinforced concrete trays are provided in the places where the road surface adjoins the elements, a concrete blind area is designed in the rest of the sections.

The above-ground section of the product pipeline is a bridge-type structure designed for the installation of up to 4 conveyor lines.

Fencing structures of the product pipeline: arch-type metal structures. The supporting structures are steel trusses.

Rigidity is provided by struts and braces.


The building is unheated, without a permanent stay of people.


Working documentation in terms of constructive and space-planning solutions for the product pipeline was developed by the Argos design bureau. Changes were made to the original design solutions provided by the customer. As a result of the replacement of the enclosing structures from the profiled sheet with the PVC awning, it was possible to optimize the construction costs: to reduce the metal consumption and increase the installation speed. In addition, the awning is more resistant to aggressive environments such as sea air and mineral fertilizers.


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