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Rapidly erected depot for 12 cars

Address: Sakhalin region, Smitrnykh district, settlement Smitnykh



Length, m: 43

Width, m: 23

Height, m: 9

Area, m²: 989

Climatic region: II

Wind region: IV SNiP 2.01.07-85


- Foundation: monolithic reinforced concrete slab made of concrete of class B15.F150W6. The base for the foundation is made of rocky soil with layer-by-layer compaction according to SNiP 3.06.03.

- Frame: the frame system consists of main and end frames, a column of the main frame of an I-profile from I 25K1 according to STO ASChM 20-93.

- Roofing: roof beams from I 40B1 according to STO ASChM 20-93, single-pitched roof, covering - three-layer sandwich panels, filled with mineral wool slabs 200 mm thick, with polymer coating.

- Walls: sandwich panels filled with mineral wool board 150 mm thick. According to fire safety requirements, mineral wool products belong to the class of non-combustible materials (NG). Internal partitions of household premises with a thickness of 120 mm are made of gypsum fiberboard and mineral wool board, 100 mm thick using the Knauf technology.

- Gates: roll-up automatic - width 4m, height 6m in the amount of 6 pcs., Three gates have entrance doors, an entrance door to the utility room - not less than 1000x2100 mm, insulated with a closer and an internal locking mechanism. The reduced resistance to heat transfer of entrance doors is up to 1.48m² C / W, internal door locks are not less than 900x2100 mm following GOST 6629-88.

- Windows: window blocks are made of PVC profiles (swing-out) with two-chamber and three-chamber double-glazed windows with reduced heat transfer resistance R = 0.52m²C ° / BT.

- Floors: floor covering of boxes and warehouse - special dedusting coating composition 1Zh - "POLYUR", parking box floor covering - self-leveling floors with epoxy component 5 mm thick. Floor covering of administrative premises and a bathroom - ceramic floor tiles for concrete preparation GOST 6787-2001 - from 10 mm.

The building is provided with: power supply; heating; lighting; sewerage; water supply; fire alarm.

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