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Repair box for quarry equipment

Address: Moscow region, Ruzsky district, Oreshki village



Length, m: 18

Width, m: 16

Height, m: 12

Area, m²: 288

Permissible weight of snow cover, kg/m²: up to 240

Maximum permissible wind speed, m/s: 23

Design operating temperature: from -50C to + 50C


During the construction, a set of works was carried out:

- Waterproofing of the base for the installation and the base of the columns.

- Installation of the basement along the perimeter h = 0.2 m.

- Installation of the hangar frame with the device of crane runways, as well as the manufacture and registration of a passport for crane runways with an executive survey with the entry of data into the passport.

- Installation of the roof cladding (external color RAL 5005, internal color RAL 1015).

- Installation of the enclosing structure of the walls (external color RAL 9002, internal color RAL 1015).

- Installation of shaped additional elements (RAL 5005).

- Installation of PVC windows - along the long sides of the building with a height of 1.2 m, with an indent of 2 m from the edge of each side. The total glazing area is S = 33.6 m2.

- Arrangement of openings and installation of gates 6x5 m - 2 pcs.

- The device of the visor over the gate group.

- The device of the opening and installation of the door 0.9x2.1 m - 1 pc.

- Installation of a blind area on both sides of the building, length 34 m, width 1 m.

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