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Aircraft hangar, Ignatovo village

Address: Ignatovo village, Dmitrovsky district, Moscow region.


Technical and economic characteristics:

Building area: 1024.30 m2

Construction volume: 8331.30 m3

Total building area: 984.80 m2

Dimensions: 20x51.36x9.5 m


The peculiarity of the structure being erected is that it is installed on prefabricated aerodrome slabs. The structure is completely collapsible, without the use of monolithic reinforced concrete, with a span of trusses and trusses of 20 meters. This solution allows an installation of a gate with a size of 5.5 * 20 meters along the long side of the building, and not from the end, as in the classic layout.


The basis of the structure is prefabricated three-strand steel columns, due to which the main rigidity of the building is achieved when hinged on reinforced concrete slabs, which makes it possible to build it without a foundation, thereby reducing the cost and construction time. And thanks to space-planning solutions, the area is used as efficiently as possible with separated entrances for the vehicle.


The building is heated; for this, the project also provides for an extension with a modular autonomous boiler room.


The innovative material called "flexible sandwich" was used as the enclosing structure.


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