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Garages for maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery

Execution of works on the design and construction of mechanical workshop buildings with dimensions of 12x20x7.5 m, located at the addresses:

1. Oryol region, Zalegoshchensky district, Arkhangelskoe village, “Zalegoshchenskoe-3" agricultural enterprise;

2. Oryol region, Oryol district, Kleimenovo village, Kleimenovo agricultural enterprise;

3. Tula region, Teplo-Ogarevsky district, Tsentralny settlement, "Teplo-Ogarevskoe-2" agricultural enterprise;

4. Tula region, Kurkinsky district, Kurkino settlement, "Kurkinskoe-1", agricultural enterprise ;

5. Kursk region., Gorshechensky district, urban-type settlement Gorshechnoye, "Gorshechnoye-1" agricultural enterprise.

By order of the Avangard-Agro agricultural holding, Evrial Group has built 5 garages for servicing and repairing agricultural machinery in the Tula, Oryol, and Kursk regions.

The project represents that rare case of typical construction, when the customer required 5 identical buildings, differing only in the ground of the base. These differences were leveled out by the same type of foundation design, which solved the problems of all existing loads and at the same time fulfilled the function of the building's floor base. Typical projects make it possible to reduce the duration of the procedure for preparing project documentation and make it possible to quickly begin the construction of an object.

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AVANTGARDE-AGRO is one of the largest and most efficient agricultural producers in Russia. The area of cultivated fields is 450,000 hectares in the Oryol, Tula, Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk, and Belgorod regions. The agricultural machinery park numbers over 8,000 units.

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