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Reception block of the infectious diseases center in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas

Location: Voronovskoe settlement, Moscow, Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas


Technical and economic indicators:

Area: 1404.9 sq. m

Building area: 1745.5 sq. m

Dimensions: 17.0x90.0x6.57 m

Construction volume: 9192 cubic meters

Floors: 1

Responsibility level: II

Fire resistance: II

Structural fire hazard class: C0


The department is designed to receive patients who have arrived by ambulance, carry out initial diagnostics and subsequent distribution, depending on the severity of the condition, to the wards of the medical or intensive care unit, and, if necessary, to the operating unit. The receiving block is designed for 15 receiving and inspection boxes with independent entrances from the street. The capacity of the reception area is up to 80 people per day.


In the so-called "dirty" area there is a control room, a post of duty personnel for 2 places, rooms for disinfection and storage of portable equipment and mobile X-ray machines, a room for the preparation of infusion systems, rooms for the collection, and temporary storage of dirty linen, medical waste with external vestibules, storage rooms cleaning equipment and disinfectants, separate for the internal area of personnel and the external area of the receiving and inspection boxes. All reception and examination boxes are organized according to the principle of "Meltzer's" box, they have an external vestibule and a room for sanitizing patients.

The building also includes an express laboratory designed to meet the needs of the intensive care unit and operating unit.


In the spring of 2020, a multifunctional infectious disease center was built on the territory of Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas in record time to fight coronavirus. On 40 hectares, almost 50 structures with a total area of 80 thousand square meters were erected in almost a month. Construction began on March 12, 2020, and already on April 20, the hospital received its first patients. The specialists of the Avrial Group of Companies carried out work on the erection of the buildings of the receiving block and the discharge block.

Design and construction were carried out at the same time.

Turnkey project implementation period: 1.5 months.


Now the Voronovskoye Moscow Clinical Center for Infectious Diseases is a unique medical institution that uses the most advanced engineering solutions. The hospital works on an ongoing basis.

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