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Three steps that help speed up the implementation of your project




The time lag between the need to build a building and the implementation of a turnkey project is often very short and requires quick decisions.

We are all interested in working fast, avoiding unnecessary problems, and completing the project as quickly as possible. Delays and financial losses during the construction period very often cause the rise in the cost of project implementation associated with ineffective, poorly thought out design solutions. Reducing construction time and costs can only be achieved at the pre-design and design stages. Their importance should not be underestimated, there can be no reductions, even in emergency cases. That is why to ensure the safety and functionality of the building, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the construction site, the conditions, and the wishes of the customer during the planning process.

To ensure that the process of preparing a commercial proposal and the subsequent design process go through without delay, we have compiled a list of the information we need, with which you, as our client, can help us.


1. Provide basic information.

To make an approximate calculation of the cost of the future building and offer the best option that suits your needs and land features, we need initial information that helps to determine the estimate and create preliminary projects.

Our designers need to know:

The purpose of the building or structure;

Desired dimensions and color;

Windows/gates/doors - their number, size, and location;

The required temperature inside the building;

Additional requirements;

Available/required infrastructure;

Availability of a land plot and its compliance with the purpose.

Naturally, the requirements will need to be clarified in more detail later, but this information allows our designers to move forward and effectively solve the assigned tasks.


2. Find out the conditions of the construction site.

This is a prerequisite even for non-capital construction. Construction site conditions always affect the design of a building. There are no projects which are exactly the same due to the differences in location. Therefore, knowing the location of the new building and the characteristics of the site is essential in the design process. At the preliminary stage, of course, our designers can work with photographs and a verbal description of the construction site, but for the work to be as efficient as possible, you should provide us with the initial data for the construction site:

-       Engineering and geological explorations;

-       Engineering and geodetic explorations;

-       Environmental Engineering exploration;

-       Technical conditions for connection to engineering networks (power supply, water supply, sewerage)


3. Provide information about the building environment.

Not only the terrain but also other buildings located nearby, influence the development of the project, It influences a lot: from the choice of the type of foundation to the architectural appearance of the future object. Also, the surrounding conditions, such as the drainage of rainwater and snow load must be taken into account. Photos and drawings of existing buildings allow our designers to move forward and consider all these issues.

By providing this information, you can be sure that our designers are sufficiently informed from the very beginning, so no unpleasant surprises or unaccounted for factors will throw us back and waste precious time. The more accurate the background information is, the faster and more efficient the design process will be!

You can contact us at any stage of the project, we will be happy to help.

Three steps that help speed up the implementation of your project

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