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The technology of freedom: Fast-based broad-sphere awning warehouses using modern composite materials



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One of the specializations of the "Avrial" Group is the construction of prefabricated broad-sphere awning warehouses using modern composite materials with PVC coating.


Benefits of frame-tent warehouses:

1. The possibility of rapid overlap of any squares with minimal cost of building materials. If the rapid construction of the hangar or a temporary storage warehouse is necessary, the awning enclosing structures are the fastest way of cover. For example, the installation of one layer of the awning on the finished metal frame for a warehouse of 10 thousand square meters can be implemented in just a week.

2. The construction of buildings and structures on the frame-awning technology does not require deep underground foundations, which speeds up the process and reduces the cost of construction.

3. Regardless of the area, the frame collapsible design corresponds to all criteria for a non-vacant structure. Thanks to this, such buildings and structures are not required to obtain permissions to build, which significantly saves time(up to six months). At the same time, when designing and building, we comply with all security rules.

4. The width of one span of the building is not limited. This opportunity to build broad buildings gives many advantages. You will not have unnecessary columns in the middle of a warehouse that impedes the driving technique. We can fulfill and even exceed the requirements for the column steps for the warehouses of the "A" and "A+" classes. In the case of the wide-spanned buildings, you will have a football field inside a warehouse that can be zoned as you like.

5. Long service life: the confirmed service life of high-quality awning enclosing structures is 25 years old, for a frame of metal structures the service life is more than 50 years. Buildings are formally non-capital, but not temporary.

6. The awning structures are resistant to the effects of an aggressive environment.

7. High performance characteristics: noise, hydro and thermal insulation, fire resistance, tightness of "trim", corrosion resistance, seismicity, and any other unfavorable environmental conditions.

By choosing a quick-scale frame-awning building as a warehouse, you can effectively save time and money for construction. And also avoid many problems that arise at various stages of the construction of capital buildings.


"Warm" and "cold" warehouses

When building structures following frame-tent technology, our company applies modern composite materials with PVC coating. Depending on the needs of the customer, the warehouse can be either in the "cold" execution or in the "warmth". The construction of cold warehouses does not imply the installation of insulating materials and enclosing structures with a heated layer. The frame "is covered" with a single-layer tent PVC fabric with a density of 650-950 g / m2.

For insulation of frame-awning hangars, a two- or three-layer PVC coating with thermal insulation material is used. With a two-layer awning coating between the layers, an air layer is formed, which keeps heat inside the frame-tent hangar more efficiently. In the system of a three-layer awning, the heater is mineral wool. In winter, such a building does not require frequent heating, and this is a significant cost saving.


For "warm" warehouses, we offer innovative construction technology for warmed hangars - "Flexible Sandwich". This material combines the best qualities of classic "sandwiches" and tent PVC fabric and in practice showed high performance characteristics.


Optimal choice

Broadcast warehouses are modern technology of freedom. This is the ability to quickly cover large spaces with minimal costs of building materials, building reliable and durable objects of varying degrees of complexity.

Our company builds buildings for any purpose and tasks:

-  heated or unheated,

-  any area, with any spans,

-  with supply from 2 months.

We offer proven, reliable, and profitable solutions for long-term operation.


The technology of freedom: Fast-based broad-sphere awning warehouses using modern composite materials

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