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Modern construction technologies: Innovative awning structure "Flexible Sandwich"



фото  Download the presentation of the innovative tent structure "Flexible sandwich"

фото  Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk8fygMbDIs



One of the specializations of "Avrial" Group is the construction of prefabricated broad-sphere awning buildings. As many years of our experience show, carcass-awning technology is an effective solution to reduce the construction time of facilities, accelerate their commissioning, and reduce the cost of the finished building. In the conditions of a constantly changing market situation, a large duration of construction leads to high risks, since it is derived from the turnover of funds. One of the most important economic tasks is to reduce the construction time of industrial facilities and to increase the economic efficiency of the project. And the frame-tent technology allows you to effectively solve these tasks. With the high-quality awning structures appearance on our market, tent buildings are perceived not as temporary objects, but as full-fledged architectural structures. Although they relate to non-capital objects, can perform the same function as the usual capital buildings.


When building structures based on frame-tent technology, our company applies modern composite materials with PVC coating. We have developed an innovative type of enclosing structure which is flexible multilayer building panels (flexible sandwich). Now the product passes the procedure for getting a patent. Flexible sandwich technology showed high performance and demand for the construction of industrial, warehouse, and sports facilities. It is two layers of the awning, between which the insulation is laid.


This is an analog of the usual sandwich, but has several advantages:

- High speed of assembly work:

The flexible panel, in contrast to the classic sandwich, has a much larger area - up to 200 m2. Such panels are supplied to the place of assembly in the ready-made form, which allows you to minimize the number of assembly operations at the installation site. The panels are supplied in full factory readiness, at the construction site, it is not necessary to customize anything under the size and it is not necessary to cut. The building is simply covered by a large canvas as a blanket. Installation is made using crane equipment, final fixation, and spike with a special hand tool.

- Cost savings:

The cost of the flexible sandwich is 20% lower than the cost of metal. In addition, the customer saves on the installation cost. Depending on the architecture of the building and the size of the flexible panels, the installation value may be lower by 30-50% compared with the cost of mounting the metal sandwich.

- Complete tightness and waterproofing:

The PVC material itself does not pass water. Since we don’t screw the bufflers but sear them, the building becomes completely sealed.

- Insulation thickness variability:

You can make enclosing structures of any thickness, depending on the requirements of heat engineering.

- Extensive exterior possibilities:

The ability to apply any image to your desire. You can paint into corporate colors, apply logos, slogans, promotional images. It is done in factory conditions, the paint penetrates the structure of PVC tissue, and wear resistance takes the magnitudes of the tissue itself. The drawing is resistant to the effects of the aggressive environment.


The possibility of using a flexible sandwich is very wide, and the architecture can be not only utilitarian, such as a tent but complex and expressive. This year, project bureau “Argos” has developed a sketch of the architectural offer for the construction of a beach sports complex. The location of the object is on the seashore that has determined its architectural image. The silhouette of the roof imitates a smooth motion of the waves on the sea surface. We can now step up to a new stage of evolution and create complex and beautiful facilities with flexible sandwich technology.


The technology offered by our company is the ability to quickly block large spaces with minimal costs of building materials, building reliable and durable objects of varying degrees of complexity. It allows you to significantly reduce the construction time, accelerate the introduction of facilities into operation, and as a result, decrease the investment risks of customers.











Modern construction technologies: Innovative awning structure

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