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Our projects: AIR ARENA sports complex




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Avrial takes special pride in the sports facilities. The company builds ice skating centers, skating rinks, football grounds and sports complexes all over Russia.


One of such projects is AIR ARENA sports center, which is located on Novaya Riga highway within the territory of Riga Mall shopping center. It is a unique sports facility with area 3 500 sq.m, which our company installed on the rooftop of the car parking building. By the time the sports complex’s structure has been installed, the concrete building had already been used for car parking. Argos Design Bureau developed the most innovative solutions for this project.  It was decided to use light metal structures and flexible sandwich.

The works were carried out under trying circumstances. The installation of structure was held at the height of 9 meters by means of high lifting capacity equipment.


Now AIR ARENA is a modern sports center for the whole family that combines a football ground and a trampoline center under the same roof.

Air Arena offers a wide range of sports activities: it is a base of BARÇA children's football Academy in Moscow; it includes activities such as rhythmic gymnasts, tennis, badminton, volleyball, streetball, climbing area and martial art. The design of the sports facility allows not only run of training sessions, but also holding tournaments and competitions as well as entertainment events of any kind.

Our projects: AIR ARENA sports complex

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