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Photo of the day. Ice arena in Yekaterinburg.



The building with dimensions of 63x42 m with an ice arena of 58x28 m is intended for training hockey teams and local competitions; it can also be used for figure skating trainings. The building with a total area of 3,165 m2 provides a set of auxiliary facilities necessary for the training process. Capacity: 320 athletes.


The ice hockey sports arena was built in 2018 using a "flexible sandwich" technology. It is an innovative type of enclosing structures developed by the Avrial Group of Companies. The complex of works on the production of metal structures and flexible sandwich materials with their subsequent installation took only 4 months.


A flexible sandwich is an analogue of a traditional metal sandwich, but it has a number of advantages over it: its cost is 20% lower than that of a metal one; in addition, the customer saves on installation costs. One panel can have an area of up to 200 m2. Flexible sandwich panels are delivered to the construction site in full factory readiness, nothing needs to be adjusted to the size. The building is covered with large canvases, like a blanket. The joints are sealed, so the building becomes completely hermetic.


The flexible sandwich has shown high performance characteristics and is in demand in the construction of industrial, warehouse and sports facilities. You can learn more by leaving a request on our website www.avrial.ru


In the photo: a flexible sandwich ice arena three years after commissioning.






Photo of the day. Ice arena in Yekaterinburg.

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