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General contract

General contracting

Evrial Group of Companies has many years of experience, which allows you to take on the tasks of managing construction projects and perform all the work on the construction of turnkey facilities on the basis of EPCM contracts. We provide the services of a general designer and general contractor, starting from the study of the construction site and ending with its commissioning and commissioning. We organize work within the framework of a unified construction schedule, select contractors and take full responsibility for the facility being built.


We solve the following tasks:

- Preliminary estimate of the cost of work, drawing up a budget for the implementation of the project;
- Development of all necessary design and technological documentation;
- Construction of an object, performance of a full range of design, construction and installation works;
- Drawing up a single construction schedule, monitoring its implementation;
- Organization, control and coordination of all subcontractors involved in the work;
- Development and submission of design estimates to subcontractors, necessary for the performance of their part of the work;
- Maintaining as-built documentation;
- Providing the facility under construction with all the necessary materials, equipment and construction equipment in accordance with a single construction schedule;
- Ensuring the requirements and norms of environmental safety, as well as labor protection and safety during work;
- Commissioning of the facility.


Advantages of working under a general contract

Qualified general contracting services guarantee high quality of work performance and delivery of the object on schedule.
- You receive economic guarantees in the implementation of all stages of work, since we are fully responsible for the implementation of the project;
- We organize all types of work according to a single schedule, which allows us to reduce the construction time.
- We ourselves solve all the problems arising in the process of design, construction and installation, as well as commissioning works on the project, we control the quality of work of subcontractors and are responsible to the customer. We already have proven companies throughout Russia that have completed successful projects. This allows us to guarantee the high quality of all the declared work in a short time.
- We have established relations with the suppliers of materials. This allows you to carry out purchases at wholesale prices and ensure cost savings.
- We have experience in processing all related and permits, which allows us to reduce the time for bureaucratic delays.


Options for drawing up a general contract

1. Consulting. In this case, the general contractor provides consulting services and solves only tasks related to the creation of a construction plan, preparation of technical specifications, scheduling of work or an examination.

2. Management (project development without construction and installation work). The customer gives an order to the contractor company for the complete development of the project and its implementation. In this case, construction work, including the search for subcontractors and the conclusion of contracts with them, as well as commissioning activities are performed by the customer.

3. General contract. In this case, all tasks for the implementation and design of the project are assigned to the general contractor.

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