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Mega project Arctic LNG 2 in Murmansk is 98% ready!



The installation of structures for project Arctic LNG 2 by Avrial company on behalf of Saren B.V. (Netherlands) is successfully coming to an end.

Totally, Avrial built 4 structures.

Installation works were carried out under severe climate conditions in Murmansk on challenging sites.

17 000 sq. m of state-of-the-art “Flexible sandwich” were delivered for project implementation. This material was patented and presented at Skolkovo this year. It is a high-performance technology with corrosion resistance.

Avrial Group of companies applies this technology in design and construction of aircraft hangars, port infrastructure facilities, buildings operated under aggressive environments, industrial and storage buildings.

By now

4 buildings are installed;

3 of 4 facilities are handed over to the customer;

4 facilities: electrical works are handed over;

Additional equipment as well as duct shafts.


7000 sq. m – overall area of the structures;

17 000 sq. m of innovative material “Flexible sandwich” were used;

20Х20 m – area of the training center;

45х70 m – area of 2 storage premises;

3,5 m, 6,5 m and 8,4 m – height of 3 parts of the same storage building.

Project features

One of the features is non-standard site. The methane storage warehouse is located on the floating dock with cantilever 13,8 m high. Due to such a challenging site we could not proceed with the way we executed concrete works, drilled and placed chemical anchors when installing two other storage warehouses with girder foundations. Therefore we in advance confirmed with the customer inserts to be put locally for metal frames’ pillars installation. When placing floor slabs space was left for metal plates (inserts). Then metal frames’ pillars were welded to them.


The project is 98% ready.



Mega project Arctic LNG 2 in Murmansk  is 98% ready!

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