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Argos Design Bureau is included on the register of SCDA-recommended design organizations



Argos Design Bureau is included on the register of Steel Construction Development Association (SCDA). This register includes only reliable design organizations, which SCDA recommends as high performers of project documentation development for construction on the basis of metal structures.

Argos Design Bureau is a general design contractor and business partner of Avrial company. Argos develops project documentation for construction and reconstruction of both industrial and civil buildings and facilities of any level of complexity. The design bureau specializes in the full-cycle construction design, providing complex of project services: from a concept to a sketch, through a technical appraisal of a project to a project documentation development and commissioning.

Argos Design Bureau specialists effectively find solutions for complex and non-routine tasks and perform projects that are one-of-a-kind in Russia:

-  ice skating center which can be transformed into a shooting gallery;

-  quickly installed aircraft hangars, which can place several aircrafts inside – moreover, such structures are half price of classical variants;

-  wide span warehouse buildings, in which tent-framed structures and complex suspended structures of conveyor galleries are connected into one structure, where transportation conveyors are fastened with roof trusses while the mass of a moving conveyor cart is more than 9 t.

Argos Design Bureau has a profound experience of projects’ appraisal, the company has SRO admissions and is known for research and academic works. Argos provides solutions, which allow customers to cut costs on construction and exploitation without compromising on quality.

Argos Design Bureau team consists of specialists with years of hands-on experience in construction sphere, and it is a guarantee of the most effective engineering and construction solutions.

Argos Design Bureau is included on  the register of SCDA-recommended  design organizations

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