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Year-round ice complex for "Lysia Nora".



фото  Download the presentation of the ice complex "FOXLAND" ignatovo village  


According to the project of "Argos" Project Bureau, "Avrial" Group prepares for commissioning a modern comfortable ice complex in Ignatovo village of Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region. The complex was built by request LLC "Fox Nora".




The ice complex is designed for year-round conducting sports, ice hockey, and figure skating competitions both for vacation country complex and sports recreation of local residents and guests. The building of the ice complex will be able to accommodate 180 spectators and about 44 athletes, judges, and coaches involved in sports and entertainment performances, as well as in leisure activities.

In addition to various options for the sale of ice sports and the organization of mass skating of citizens, the building can hold "non-ice" events such as exhibitions, presentations, performances of creative groups, and others. The complex has extensive universal opportunities for sports, recreation, and entertainment and can perform an important social function.





The external architectural appearance of the building is formed taking into account the harmonious and commensurate of the neighborhood with existing buildings and constructions. The coloristic solution of the ice complex is designed using an artistic combination of color gamut nearby objects and "abstract-figured" supergraphics, which demonstrates all types of sports and entertainment services, which the country complex "Fox Nora" provides. Supergraphics of military-protective and sports nature are applied by artists by manually using screen technology on the walls of sandwich panels in the conditions of leading construction.




The building of the ice complex (75.43х39.95 m) is composed in the form of a 2-story quick-scale structure consisting of two blocks: one-story and two-story, conjugated in a single functional complex of sports destination.

The 1st block is a gym sports hall with a large span of frame supporting structures which is 34.6 m and a ceiling height of up to 11.5 m. It contains an ice arena of 25x56 m size, tribunes for viewers with halls on the second floor, VIP - Zone, and the area for press workers, as well as part of technical and administrative premises. Ice Arena and the audience stands are located in a two-pilot largest space.





The 2nd block consists of technical and auxiliary premises, an evacuation staircase, a hall of 2 floors with a height of rooms from 2.4 to 4.5 m.

Near the main entrance to the project of the ice complex included the public area for recreation, in which the main flower beds and lawns, park benches and lamps, tile coatings of sidewalks, and ramps for people with limited mobility are located.



The project was developed by "Argos" Project Bureau. When designing, the specialists of the project bureau collided with the complex geological and hydrogeological conditions of the site. Sands of medium size together with high groundwater determined the types of foundations. Digging the pit under the columnar foundations turned out to be problematic because there was a high probability of their flooding and additional measures would be required, despite the fact that it was nowhere to drainage since the place of development was in the lowland.




The device of bubbly piles required the use of the casing pipe because the sands do not allow a well to be drilled that would not crumble. In addition, the carrying capacity of the bubbly pile is significantly lower than the scoring. Therefore, it is needed almost twice as much. And the scoring piles could not be used in their pure form in connection with the close location of neighboring buildings.




Without pile calculations, you can drive piles no closer than 24 meters to the foundations of existing buildings. But in the design process, an optimal solution was found experimentally. At first, the pile was driven at a safe distance from the object, and when driving with special laboratory methods, it was determined by its impact on the ground. Making sure that this impact does not have influence, began to drive trial piles in close proximity to existing buildings, in the place where the foundation of the designed building should be located. As a result of this repeated test, it has been determined that it does not affect the nearby buildings, which is confirmed by laboratory tests and measurements of indicators.





Such an experimental method was chosen as a base foundation with the clogged pile. An alternative to this method could be the method of pressing piles, which does not affect the nearby buildings, but it is advisable to apply it only with a large number of piles because the pressing plant is quite rare and the cost of its lease is high. And in this project, it would not pay off. As a result of the decision found, the customer saved resources and significantly reduced the time of alleged construction.







In the design, innovative automatic registers were applied.

1. Automatic regulation of all heating and ventilation systems.

Heating is carried out at the expense of a two-pipe water system and heating the supply ventilation. Without human influence, the system estimates the temperature outside the building and inside, determines the need to turn on and adjust the power of the heating devices. Thus, two climatic zones are automated in one non-unified volume when the temperature is maintained + 5 ° C, and on the stands is much higher, comfortable for viewers.

2. Recovery of thermal energy.

When the cooling unit is operational, there is a lot of heat, in winter it is sent for heating the ventilation system and to warm the soil under the ice field up to exclude its freezing.

3. Multifunctionality.

Protective-insulating ice coating with Terracover plates allows us to carry out various “non-iced” events. The ice does not need to defrost. When the equipment is turned off, it can be stored for two weeks at a temperature inside the building + 20 ° C, and for an unlimited time.

4. Ability to increase capacity up to 800 viewers.

For the future, the project includes the possibility of increasing the capacity of the building up to 800 spectators - Flames and Evacuation paths are calculated precisely for such capacity. In advance, an increase in load on overlapping and engineering networks is provided. When providing the building of the concomitant infrastructure and installation of additional temporary tribunes, it is possible to increase the capacity up to 800 people.

5. The ability to quickly transform the ice arena into a shooting range.

The building is located on the territory of the largest shooting complex in Europe, therefore, the project includes solutions that subsequently make it possible, with small additions (separate systems and security elements), to use it as a shooting range for bullet shooting from small-caliber weapons at a distance of 10, 25 and 50 meters. The stands are located on the short side of the ice rink because in shooting competitions, spectators are positioned behind the shooters to stay in a safe area. Also, 2 automatic movable beams with a span of 33 meters are additionally installed, from which special banner curtains can be lowered, which will allow the shooters to focus on the targets.

Year-round ice complex for

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