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Interview with general director of Avrial Group of companies Vyaznikov Egor for Metal Supply and Sales Magazine (№1, January 2022)



Egor, how can you preliminary evaluate Avrial Group of companies’ performance in 2021?  


For 11 years Avrial has grown, gained competence and knowledge, found new ways, got over difficulties and reached targets. Starting with installation of small warehouses the company now implements large-scale projects in industrial and production spheres; it is one of stable players on the metal construction market.

We continue developing and going forward.

In 2021 we implemented challenging projects that also included provision of high-tech internal infrastructure and engineering equipment. Most of these facilities are already put in commission, part of them are in the lock-up stage.

I would like to focus on several milestones:

- Avrial patented “Flexible sandwich” technology and presented it in Skolkovo.

- Our team designed the frame-tent structure with 80 m span - one of the longest span constructions in Russia. Project implementation, structures’ production and installation works are well underway.

- Avrial increased manufacturing capacities of frame-tent structures’ production from 5000 sq.m up to 7500 sq.m.

- Special economic zone Technopolis Moscow awarded us for innovation development and promotion on the Russian market.

- According to the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry our company has become the best

small enterprise in construction sphere.


How did you manage to overcome main challenges of year 2021: effects of pandemic, dramatic rising costs of rolled metal?


Expansion of production volumes, including full system of frame-tent structures as well as patent for “Flexible sandwich”, helped us to overcome all challenges.

We managed to anticipate deferred demand of our customers and timely presented them technological and professional solution that met economical and technical expectations.


Could you name most bestselling Avrial products in 2021?


To sum up the results of 2021 I will definitely say that these are projects where state-of-the-art material “Flexible sandwich” has been used. By now, more than 40 thousand square meters of innovative panels have already been produced. This technology allows to quickly install facilities of various difficulty levels under most severe climate conditions. E.g., for project in Far North 17000 sq.m of panels were produced. Moreover, these innovative materials are by an average of 30% have a better price against metal sandwich-panels.

We built a range of capital construction facilities and boiler house, put in commission double-purpose facility – full year ice rink, which can also be transformed into shooting gallery.

High demand was on widespan frame-tent structures. Our solutions are not only high-effective and advanced, but also cost-efficient.


Please, tell us about the company’s experience of projects implementation in Far North. What are the main features of construction works in this region?


The training center, warehouse and gas storage facility, consisting of 3 sections, each of them with different height  - 3,5 m, 6,5 m and 8,4 m  - were built not far from Murmansk in especially trying circumstances on the basis of state-of-the-art technology “Flexible sandwich” developed by our company. Additionally we finished works on duct shafts and engineering equipment installation.

Design works were carried out by Argos Design Bureau. The hallmark of the project is arrangement of two storage warehouses. In order to secure the interior volume at the design stage it was decided to leave the interior part of the walls vertical while externally walls got negative vertical angle. The external architectural character thus became light and airy, with outline suggesting a cloud.

Another one feature of this project is non-standard site. The methane storage warehouse is located on the floating dock with cantilever 13,8 m high. Due to such a challenging location, we could not proceed with the way we executed concrete works, drilled and placed chemical anchors when installing two other storage warehouses with girder foundations. Therefore we in advance confirmed with the customer inserts to be put locally for metal frames’ pillars installation. When placing floor slabs space was left for metal plates (inserts). Then metal frames’ pillars were welded to them.

By the end of the year we have also concluded several big agreements, which assume projects to be carried out under severe climate conditions.


Avrial Group of companies has a focus on frame-tent structures. What are advantages of this solution?


Frame-tent technology is an effective solution for faster construction process, shorter possible commissioning and cost reduction of the ready building. Within ever-changing market conditions, long construction period leads to high risks as withdrawal of funds takes place. One of the most important economic issues is to shorten the timeline of industrial facilities construction as well as cost-effectiveness of the construction. The frame-tent technology effectively solves these problems.

With the advent of high-quality tent fencing constructions on our market, tent constructions are recognized not as temporary facilities, but as fully valued architectural structures. Despite the fact that they are classified as temporary structures, they can serve the same functions as permanent structures.

Avrial builds not only frame-tent constructions - although it is one of key focuses – but also widespan tent structures. The main advantage of such facilities that they are classified as temporary structures and at the same time they can be equipped with cold wall panels as well as with insulated ones, securing wind and snow loads according to SP 20.1333.2016.


Tell us about “Flexible sandwich” technology and its competitive advantages. Could you please describe projects where your company applied this technology? How do you see the development of its usage in the future?


“Flexible sandwich” is made of two layers of tent canvas with insulation in-between. The technology can be used for all types of constructions based on tent-frame technology. It is also important to note that thanks to high performance and resistance to severe and aggressive environments this technology is especially successful when it comes to construction of industrial facilities, warehouses and sports facilities.


Main competitive advantages are the following:

 1. A flexible panel in comparison to a classic sandwich panel has a much larger area - up to 200 m2. Such panels are delivered to the place of assembly in the ready-made form, which allows you to minimize the number of assembly operations at the installation site. The panels are supplied in ready-to-operate version and there is no need to customize anything at the construction site. A building is simply blanketed with large canvases. Installation is carried out by means of crane equipment while final fixation and soldering are carried out by use of special hand tools.

2. The better insulation prevents framework’s freezing and secures optimal temperature inside structures (fibrous insulants with width 50-300 mm with heat conduction up to 0,04 W/(m⋅K) are used in the panels).

3. Complete tightness and waterproofing minimize risks of condensate formation. Flexible sandwich-panels bear against the metal frame at the joints and thus avoiding heat loses and moisture penetration.

4. Panels are installed over the framework, and it contributes to free access to metal structures, simple visual check, service maintenance or repair works.

5. External and internal layers of tent canvas are resistant to aggressive environments (seashores, industrial facilities and ect.)


What do you think about the metal construction market in 2021? What are the main trends?


I would like to make the point that in construction sphere as well as in other spheres we can witness extension of metal structures manufacturers; division into fields of specialization and market segments become more obvious - thus companies enter the market with one-two products, which in a greater degree can attract customers. Our company focuses on widespan frame-tent structures, but also we offer a package of essential services: project design, production and installation of structures. We have a profound knowledge of the industrial market and prepare solutions for mineral companies, oil and gas companies, coal mining and chemical companies.


What directions are in focus for Avrial in 2022?  


The focus is on several directions.

First of all, it is developed by our company state-of-the-art technology “Flexible sandwich”.

Separately I would like to tell some words about our own design bureau – Argos. It possesses a wide database of standard design solutions and joints. We always pay special attention to development of project documentation, packaged solutions are provided to the customers in the form of 3D models.


Key construction facilities for us in 2022: 

- Port infrastructure facilities for storage of cargos, their protection from damages and preparation for future transfer.

- Quickly installed buildings for civil and small aviation while meeting the requirements for aviation infrastructure facilities, including higher levels of importance.

- Facilities for operation in aggressive environments (warehouses for mineral fertilizers, railcar unloading stations, conveyor galleries, product pipelines).

- Sports and health centres: football grounds, riding arenas, tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms, including such zones as changing rooms, staff rooms, technical premises.

- All year round ice skating sports complexes.

In 2022 we will continue working on development of “Flexible sandwich”, standardizing and harmonizing production processes as well as offering the most cost-efficient products for our customers.

I am sure that 2022 will bring new achievements we will be proud of!


Source: https://www.metalinfo.ru/ru/magazine  


Interview: https://www.metalinfo.ru/emagazine/2022/01/74/ 

Interview with general director of Avrial Group of companies Vyaznikov Egor  for Metal Supply and Sales Magazine (№1, January 2022)

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