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Avrial Group of companies built 2 grain storage structures in Tver region



The project is developed by Argos Design Bureau.

Installation works were carried out under difficult geological conditions in waterlogged area with marshy soils and obstructed access to the venue for vehicles.

Construction works included preparation of excavation, usage of piling, installation of 2 metal structures with dimensions of 24Х80х6 m covered by tent canvas, gates manufacturing and installation, arrangement of asphalt road.

Several dozens of additional machines were used for implementation of the project.

Both facilities were handed over to the customer.

Avrial Group of companies provides packaged solutions for grain storage in every Russian region on the basis of frame-tent structures.



- fast construction secures timely harvesting and post-harvesting;

- provide optimal climate conditions for grain storage, preventing grain damage or loss;

- unlimited dimensions with span width up to 99 m;

- cost-effective solution with quick payback.


Avrial Group of companies built 2  grain storage structures in Tver region

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