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Быстровозводимые сельскохозяйственные здания и сооружения



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Prefabricated steel farm buildings are a fast and cost-effective method of building new facilities. To ensure a quick payback of investment in your agricultural business, you need effective construction solutions, which we are ready to help you to choose following all your needs.

We have extensive experience in the construction of functional agricultural hangars and structures for various purposes: for keeping and breeding animals, storing harvested crops or fertilizers, as well as garages for special equipment.


Granaries and vegetable stores

For reliable storage of crops, it is important to create optimal conditions to protect the crop from high humidity, temperature changes, pathogenic microorganisms, and rodents. One of the main tools that ensure reliable storage of crops is the construction of specialized premises is granaries and vegetable stores. The construction of capital buildings turns out to be economically unprofitable, especially when it comes to tight deadlines when the building needs to be built very quickly. In this case, the most cost-effective is the construction of a frame-tent structure: an acceptable price for an awning building allows you to reduce the cost of agricultural crops and recoup the funds invested in the construction in a short period of time. The reliability and stability of metal structures will allow you to store crops without risk for a long period of operation.


The solutions we offer provide:

1. Strength and stability of the structure, which can withstand pressure without risk. This is important if the goal is to build a high performance grain storage facility.

2. Reliable protection from moisture sources.

3. Comfort in operation: convenient entrances of special equipment, organization of devices for easy control over products.

4. Implementation of forced ventilation and aspiration systems (at the request of the customer), which will maintain optimal conditions at any time of the year.




Hangars for breeding and keeping cattle

The construction of cowsheds and farms based on prefabricated structures is an excellent alternative to brick and concrete buildings. The technology for the construction of metal hangars for the implementation of cattle farms reduces the number of investments, allows you to deploy the project, regardless of the construction season, as well as uses modern ventilation and exhaust systems for comfortable keeping animals. The experience of our specialists and the design capabilities of our facilities allow us to design and erect barns for 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, and more heads for keeping in a tethered or loose way.


Hangars for industrial poultry breeding

Breeding poultry is a profitable business, the costs of which can be recouped in the shortest possible time, using the technology of building poultry houses based on a metal profile. The technology is based on light steel structures mounted on a shallow foundation, which simplifies and reduces the cost of the construction process. Rapidly erected poultry farms and poultry houses made of metal structures are suitable for growing any type of poultry: chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys. We design, supply, and install metal structures with subsequent finishing with sandwich panels based on mineral wool, which guarantees complete thermal insulation and a decrease in heat loss.


Agricultural machinery garages

If you need garages and workshops for agricultural machinery, non-capital frame tent hangars are the best solution. Such buildings are cost-effective, accommodate a large amount of special equipment, and do not require the construction of a special foundation. The versatility of such premises creates all the necessary conditions for storage, technical repair, and maintenance of machinery and equipment. They can be either cold or warm. These structures do not have internal bearing supports, being single-span, which allows maximum use of the internal area.




Our company offers a full range of works for the construction of agricultural buildings, from project development to commissioning. Through the introduction of advanced technologies and solutions tested in practice, we ensure the rapid construction of non-capital buildings and structures of any size and for any purpose.


Prefabricated agricultural buildings and structures

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