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Buildings and facilities for operation in aggressive environments



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"Avrial" Group performs a full range of works on the design and construction of prefabricated buildings and structures for operation in aggressive environments:

- warehouses of mineral fertilizers;

- bulk storage warehouses for finished products with technological equipment;

- station unloading stations;

- Pumping stations;

- Conveyor galleries;

- Product pipelines.


For aggressive environments, framework-awning construction technology is best suited. Its advantages are:

- Ability to quickly overlap large spaces with minimal costs of building materials.

- High-resistant awning in aggressive environments: the awning does not interact with the chemical elements and therefore in aggressive environments serves much longer than other enclosing structures.

- Ability to build such buildings as temporary structures, which allows you to save time and money on obtaining permits.

- Do not require deep foundations, which speeds up and reduces the process of construction.

- Regardless of the area suitable for all criteria for a non-vacant building. Minimum construction deadlines and commissioning, because it is not required to obtain permission to build, which saves time significantly.

- Ability to choose any dimensions (the width of one span of the building can reach 99 meters).

- Constructions are designed individually taking into account the climatic loads and seismic activity of the region.


"Avrial" Group has experience in the design and construction of warehouses with technological equipment, performing a turnkey complex as a general contractor. When designing, the company applies effective solutions for the joint layout of frame-awning shelter and complex suspended structures of conveyor galleries and constructs buildings, which have no analogs in Russia.






Buildings and facilities for operation in aggressive environments

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