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«Flexible sandwich». Innovative development of Avrial Group of companies



«Flexible sandwich» — is a brand new type of enclosure structures, which makes it possible to reduce construction duration and labor costs.

The technology is developed and patented by Avrial Group of companies.

Main competitive advantages are the following:

1. A flexible panel in comparison to a classic sandwich panel has a much larger area - up to 200 m2.

2. External and internal layers of tent canvas are resistant to aggressive environments (seashores, industrial facilities and ect.). The technology is used in design and construction of aircraft hangars, port infrastructure facilities, industrial, storage complexes and sports complexes.

3. Such panels are delivered to the place of assembly in the ready-made form, which allows minimizing the number of assembly operations at the installation site. A building is simply blanketed with large canvases. Installation is carried out by means of crane equipment while final fixation and soldering are carried out by use of special hand tools.

4. The facilities with these innovative materials are by an average of 30% have a better price against ones with metal sandwich-panels.

5. The better insulation prevents framework’s freezing and secures optimal temperature inside structures (fibrous insulants with width 50-300 mm with heat conduction up to 0,04 W/(m⋅K) are used in the panels).

6. Complete tightness and waterproofing minimize risks of condensate formation. Flexible sandwich-panels bear against the metal frame at the joints and thus avoiding heat loses and moisture penetration.

7. Panels are installed over the framework, and it contributes to free access to metal structures, simple visual check, service maintenance or repair works.

8. This technology allows shortening the timeline of facilities construction, putting them into operation and thus to mitigate investment risks.


By now, Avrial Group of companies has produced more than 45 thousand square meters of innovative panels.

In our workshop of tent production, we have made the podium for flexible sandwich production larger  - from 42х14 meters up to 60х14 meters – and it has become one of the largest podiums in Russia.

It has made possible to increase production of state-of-the-art material by 39,9%, to anticipate deferred demand of our customers and timely present them technological and professional solution that meet economical and technical expectations.

«Flexible sandwich». Innovative development of Avrial Group of companies

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