Standard conditions that we offer customers have phased payment.

1st phase: 60% of the total amount prepayment on the date of signing the contract;

2nd phase: 20% after the delivery of building materials and metal on the construction site;

3rd phase: 20% after signing acts in the form of СС(Capital Construction)-2, CC-3.

With such a scheme, we promptly deliver the necessary materials to the construction site, providing a continuous cycle of work production.


When signing large contracts, EPCs offer to divide payment into 5 stages:

1. Pre-project work;

2. Design;

3. Construction work (preparation of the foundation, installation of metal frame, enclosing structures, etc.);

4. Conducting engineering networks;

5. Finishing work.


Such a staged payment allows you to significantly reduce the risks for both the customer and for the "Avrial" Group. For the customer is a reduction in risks associated with the choice of a disregarded contractor, when at some stage his work may be unsatisfactory. When diiividing a contract into several stages, the customer can see and evaluate the quality of our work at any stage and make a decision to cooperate further. In addition, it often happens that the customer wants to change sometthing in the project at one stage. And the change of design solutions is reflected in the cost and timing. Therefore, we leave the opportunity to adjust the cost during the implementation of the project, concluding the main contract with additional agreements for each stage.